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Thoughts and Prayers was created in a graduate class focusing on Theatre for Social Change.  Inspired by newspaper theatre, I created a satirical album that poked fun at mainstream topics culturally and politically. 

1 Win All The Ladies: Inspired by the #MeToomovement, many articles I found were men being ignorant about the movement and what constitutes sexual harassment. 

2. Mr. Sullivan Saves the Day: One of the most absurd ideas that I heard in the news was the ”brilliant” idea to arm teachers at schools with guns.  There hasn’t been any horror stories about it…. Yet.

3. Fired- A Trump Anthem: It amazes me that our 45th president has fired or forced resignation of over thirty-five government employees.  Some have been been questionable calls.  Some have been for the best.

4. Thoughts & Prayers: After any tragedy on either side of the aisle the main response is “Thoughts and Prayers.”  That’s good enough right? Right. 

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