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Original Productions & Teasers

Jason & The Argonauts

Sierra Repertory Theatre Jr. 2014

The Nerds Awaken

24 Hour Play Festival- Merced 2014

Nerds/ Jason

Written for the Merced 24 Hour play festival The Nerds Awaken follow six die hard fans as they stand in line for the upcoming Star Wars premiere.  They each share what makes Star Wars important to them.

"Clever, well-crafted, and musically right for the show. Oh yeah, he wrote music and lyrics in 7 hours."

Jim K.- Director

"Gotta Get Up" sung by Eileen Peterson with images from the 2014 production of Jason & The Argonauts at Sierra Repertory Theatre Jr. 

"Script and score by Ralph Krumins is superb"

Jeffery P.- Reviewer


Sierra Repertory Theatre Jr. Touring Production 2014

Magic of Threes

Sierra Repertory Theatre Jr. Touring Production 2013

Dino/ Magic of Three

Title Song of "Dino-RAWR" sung by Ashley Harrel, Samantha Wynn Greenstone, & Ralph Krumins with imagines from the 2014 touring production of Dino-RAWR through Sierra Repertory Theatre Jr.


Highlights from the Sonora Elementary Production of Magic of Threes. Actors are Tim Stewart & Ralph Krumins. Stories include Jack & the Beanstalk, 3 Little Pigs, The Golden Fish, and Gargoyles of Vivant Tower.

Movie Soundtrack

Creme De Cow

Many Hats Production 2015

Oops I Did It Again!

Many Hats Production 2015


A silent film caper Starring Peter Liebold and Kaitlyn Brennan, Creme De Cow follows Kaitlyn on her quest to find the perfect cow figurine.  A wild heist follows to complete her goal.

"This is crazy cute!"

Susan G.- Facebook

The first production from Manyhats Production stars Peter Liebold expressing his frustration from being very accident prone- and deal with everyone relating with the victim.

"The music is perfect and super funny."

Krista S.- Actor

Film Festival Submissions

I Love Abilene

2012 PGP Film Festival Submission

Evil Who Dead

2011 PGP Film Festival Submission

Abilene/ Evil

Audience Favorite- I Love Abilene is a music video written by Ralph Krumins featuring Doug Nuttelman & Ralph touring their favorite town- Abilene, KS

"Oh man. I just fell in love with Abilene all over again! You guys are THE BEST!"

Halley M.- Actor/Singer

1st Place Finish- Evil Who Dead is a twisted smash up of cult classic Evil Dead with the rhymes of Dr. Suess. Ash needs to save whoville with the help of Gertrude McFuzz & Horton the Elephant. 


Emily F.- Facebook


2010 PGP Film Festival Submission


2008 Wild West 48 Hour Film Festival Submission

Forever/ Felt

1st Place Finish & Audience Favorite- Forever is a touching tale about how time changes people and the nostalgia of growing up. 

"I laughed like a maniac while re-watching this."

Kelsea M.- Actor

Roommates are difficult.  Especially when they are very particular about their rules and their belongings. But when an accident happens can you forgive breaking the rules?

"Great Video! Had me on the edge of my freaking seat...."

Jeff T.- Facebook

Sketch Comedy & Improv

Team Krumins

Laughing Matters Summer's Over Show

Girlfriend Hero

Laughing Matters Late Night Valentines Show


Team Krumins, Coach Ralph & Athlete Alex, have been busy this summer- training to be competitive eating champions! The only way to show the awesomeness is with a MONTAGE


Alex K.- Stupid Brother

Tasked with the challenge of making an inappropriate video- Ralph's crew did that and more.  Gaining more groans and guffaws from the audience than were expected.


John S.- Offended

Electric/ Wife

Electric Company Auditions

Laughing Matters Show

Wife Swap

Laughing Matters Late Night Show

Dorianne Rees shows Ralph the correct way to perform in the Electric Company's Word Smash.  Although, who would think that she's doing a good job?

"Don't quote me"

Dorianne- The actual funny one in the sketch

Shannon is throwing a wife swapping party- too bad everyone ends up with their own wife.  Nobody is going home happy

"I like him better than bacon."

Chelle- Dorianne 1.0

Advertising/Promotional Videos

Curtain curtain

Curtain Up- A Doctor In Spite of Himself

Great Plains Theatre Online Promotional Video

To promote the upcoming slapstick comedy with the Plain Great Players at Great Plains Theatre, "Greg" shows how a slapstick is useful in day to day life.


Brendon D.- He deserved it that punk

Curtain Up- The Event

Great Plains Theatre Online Promotional Video

Mike & "Greg" both are looking for something to liven up their Saturday Night... and they both think they have the solution...

"I love magic. I love magic. Do do do do do."

Mike M.- Oh look at me I think I'm clever

Kids Night Out

SRT Putnam County Spelling Bee Promo Video

Kids Night

To promote The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, SRT Jr. hosted the first ever Kids Night Out full of games, exercises & snacks while their parents got to check out the hilarious musical.

Live Music

Buddy Holly- Oh, Boy

Audition Video

Break Up Medley

Featuring Jake Vanderlinden, MJ Jurgensen, Molly Laurel, & Ralph Krumins

Buddy /Break

An audition video for Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story while still performing with the Smoke On The Mountain cast.  The Buddy look ain't there, but the sound is.

"I'm tired of looking for quotes"

Ralph K.- over it.

Performing for a late night cabaret, these three and myself put together this collection of break up songs.  Credits to Great Plains Theatre for the space.


Ralph K.- finally.

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